Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wiener Photographische Blätter 1895

Pictures from an Austrian photography journal. The image quality is not great but these are really interesting.

 Alfred Buschbeck: Country Girl
 Alfred Buschbeck: Portrait
 Baron Nathaniel De Rothschild: Domplatz in Trient
 Baron Nathaniel De Rothschild: In the Gulf of Smyrna
 Baron Nathaniel De Rothschild: Palm Grove in Biskra
 Carl Graf Chotek: On the Riviera
 Com. Adj. Alexander Hauger: Torpedo Boats Attacking at Night
 Dr. F. von Mixich: Entrance to the Ampezzothal
 Dr. Hugo Henneberg: Still Life
 Dr. Julius Hofmann: Portrait
 F. Vellusig: Marshy Landscape
 Hans Watzek: Michel
 Heinrich Kühn: Evening in the Lagoon
 John Bergheim: Bajadere
 John Bergheim: Music
 Julius Strakosch: Winter Evening
 Oberst K. Sužnević: In the Mountains
 Otto Scharf: Flock of Sheep
Robert Ritter Von Stockert: At the Baltic Sea

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