Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harris & Ewing

 For each block of 1,000 Social Security account applications 'work' cards 
are prepared. One work card is made for each operation incident to 
setting up individual accounts and necessary indexes. 1937-38
 Fourth of July celebration at Walter Reed Army Hospital, 1919
 Francis Sayre, Jr., baby, with father and Woodrow Wilson
 General view of the thousands of Youngsters who today took part in the traditional 
Easter egg rolling on the historic White House lawn. April 1939
 Genevieve Clark and parents. Married James Thomson in 1915.
 German sailor interned in US, 1916
 Honorable Champ Clark with family
 John H. Togo Gibbons, Captain, USN, 1911
 Junior High School. Shop
Laying the cornerstone for the Lincoln Memorial, 1914-1918

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