Thursday, July 31, 2014

Central Kentucky

These are from a collection titled "Central Kentucky Photograph Albums." The photos date from 1905-1920. There is some splendid scenery here - makes me want to visit Kentucky!

 At Ballou's
 At Mrs. Darbishire's - Jim and Anne Clay and Dinah, 1920
 Baptism in river
 Dix River Cliffs, Thistler's Mill
 Dix River
 Gathering hemp
 Jim and Anne Clay at Mrs. Darbishires
 Log cabins next to creek
 Man, woman, two children
 Man, women, and children
 On Dix River
Salt River near Harrodsburg

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doris Ullman

Doris Ullman was best known for her portraits of people in Appalachia.

 Aunt C. Ritchie, basket-maker, Hindman, Kentucky
 Barefoot boy and girl standing behind woman 
and three men in doorway with bags of cotton
Children at Play. Two girls and a boy in winter coats 
and hats, girls seated with boy looking over their shoulders
 Drying Nets. Nets hanging up to dry, with shadows on the ground below
 Elderly bearded man in hat, glasses, coat, and overalls, seated with broomstick
 Elderly man with mustache, in hat and suit
 Girl kneeling behind bushes
Miss Roselie Pless seated at loom, Russelville, Tennessee

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Steffano Webb

 A bush picnic with three men and a tent, ca. 1900
 An outdoor painting class at the University of Canterbury School of Arts, 1907
 Art school, University of Canterbury, 1910
 Billiard Saloon, Christchurch, 1910
 Children waiting for a camel ride, New Zealand 
International Exhibition, Christchurch, 1906-07
 Crowds at the New Zealand International Exhibition, Christchurch, 1906-07
 District nurses, with their bicycles, outside South Durham St 
District Nursing Office, Christchurch, 29 August 1914
 Hupmobile motor car with unidentified passengers, ca. 1920s
 Interior of Whitcombe and Tombs bookshop, Christchurch, 1919
[just give me two hours in this place...]
Men in costume clowning with motorcycle and sidecar towing a sled, 
at a bike show, probably Canterbury region, ca. 1926

Steffano Webb Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

Monday, July 28, 2014

George Frederick Kaye

 A G Trotter talks to three Italian children who have wandered 
into the middle of artillery positions near Sora, 1 June 1944
 R T Stewart hands some washing to two small Italian children who have 
found their way into artillery lines near Sora in Italy, 1 June 1944
[same three children as in the first picture]
[perhaps they're washing Mr. Trotter's shirt]
 A group of New Zealand soldiers and local women and children in the village behind the Italian Front where members of 2 New Zealand Division are resting, 6 January 1944
 A New Zealand gun crew on their way to the forward areas of the 
Sangro River sector of the Italian battlefront, 29 November 1943
 A New Zealand soldier gives a piece of chocolate to an aged civilian 
who has returned to the ruined Italian town of Orsogna, Italy, 16 June 1944
 A section of the Cassino Front, Italy, as seen by R F Dale 
waiting behind the sights of his anti aircraft gun, 15 March 1944
 A smoke screen being laid in Cassino, Italy, 
as the Allied attack proceeds, 18 May 1944
 A street photographer at Taranto, Italy, 
photographing Kiwis on leave, November 1943
 Allied infantry personnel move among the ruins of Cassino, Italy, 
shortly after the town fell to the Allies, 18 May 1944
An Allied anti aircraft crew keeps watch for enemy aircraft in the 
mountainous country in the forward areas of the Italian Front, 10 April 1944

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Louis Edward Nollau

Louis Edward Nollau was a professor of Engineering at the University of Kentucky. Apparently he was also an accomplished amateur photographer.

 "Lo 1936", Band and singer performing for studio audience, 1936
 4-H winners, Somerset, Kentucky, girls' quartet, first place award, 1926
 Entrance to the University of Kentucky with a car 
pulling students on a sled toward Frazee Hall, 1920
 Kentucky-grown apples
 May Day parade float, 1936
 May Queen, University of Kentucky, 1934
 Women on horseback, May Day, 1934
 Preserving eggs
 Senior Breakfast Alumni Tea, African-American servers 
in first row and yard workers on truck, 1934
 Warrior River flood, Alabama Great Southern, looking south from north end, 1916
[I consider this a top ten photo - one of the best]