Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lewis Hine

 A group showing some of the men working at Norris Dam site. In the rear 
can be seen the warehouse under construction, November 1933
 Another view of the issuing of equipment to the new arrivals at CCC Camp, TVA #23, 
between Walker's Ford and Lone Mountain, Tennessee, November 1933
 General view of CCC Camp, TVA #19, located between the Clinch 
and Powell Rivers, near New Tazewell, Tennessee, November 1933
 Lunch time at CCC Camp, TVA #22, 
near Esco, Tennessee, November 1933
Workers returning from construction on the new bridge 
at Norris Dam site at noon hour, November 1933

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

Marjory Collins

 New York, New York. Blowing horns on 
Bleeker Street on New Year's Day, January 1943
 New York, New York. Class in Public School Eight on King Street, discussing a book entitled "We love America," brought to school by one of the pupils. January 1943
 New York, New York. Class in Public School Eight on King Street, discussing a book entitled "We love America," brought to school by one of the pupils. January 1943
 New York, New York. Customers in a grocery store on Mulberry Street. 
Italian, Jewish and Chinese people live in this neighborhood. January 1943
 New York, New York. Dr. and Mrs. Winn [or Wynn], Janet and Marie, a Czech-American family, playing Chinese checkers while their grandmother knits. October 1942
 New York, New York. Gypsy woman who is habitue of Marconi's Restaurant on Mulberry Street. She dropped in for a bite to eat New Year's Eve, and did a spontaneous dance. November 1942
New York, New York. New Year's Eve in Marconi's Restaurant on Mulberry Street. 
This Gypsy woman is a habitue of the place. November 1942

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vintage Ireland

 Eyre Square, Galway, ca. 1885
 Fish curing on Clare Island, ca. 1897
 Fisher Folk, Ardglass, Co. Down, ca. 1910
 Four women selling fish, Spanish Parade, Galway City, ca. 1905
Girl at the entrance of Newgrange Passage Tomb in Co. Meath, ca. 1905

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vintage Missouri

The 1950s in Missouri.

 Christian College, ca. 1955
 Group of people roast hot dogs on long sticks over 
an open fire at a Lake of the Ozarks Resort, ca. 1955
 Group of singers and musicians pose on stage 
in front of Ozark Opry sign, ca. 1955
 Lindenwood University Art Class, ca. 1955
Route 63 and 54 flooding in Cedar City, July 4, 1951

Friday, March 25, 2016

Lafayette Studio

 Woman and candy display, 1947
 Wombwell Automotive Parts Company, 1934
 Woodland Park, baseball game, 1931
 Young girl and two women dressed in formal attire holding bouquets, 1939
Zeta Tau Delta, swan float, 1934
Zeta Tau Delta, swan float, 1934

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Harry Babcock Collection

The Harry Babcock Photograph Albums collection contains 175 photographic prints taken between 1881 and 1883, presumably by Harry Babcock. The collection contains many scenes of outdoor recreational activities, including hunting, fishing, boating, and camping. The natural locations photographed include Yosemite, San Andreas Lake, various parts of the Sacramento, McCloud and Pitt Rivers, Lagunitas, Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Shasta, Eddy Mountain, San Francisco Bay, Mud Lake, Picayune Lake, Buck Lake, Castle Lake, Pilarcitos, and the Suisun marshes. There are also photographs of Babcock's hunting dogs, hunting partners, and killed game.

According to Langley's San Francisco Directory of 1881-1882, Harry Babcock was a clerk at Parrott & Co. and resided at 11 Essex Street in San Francisco. The collection features several photographs of this residence. The partners of Parrott & Co. were Louis B. Parrott, William F. Babcock, and William Babcock. Both William F. and William also resided at 11 Essex Street and are referred to in the albums' captions. The relations among the three Babcock's is undetermined.

 At Buck horn Camp. 1881
 At North Fork camp, 1881
 Buck-horn camp - breakfast, 1881
 Mud Lake. 1881
North Fork Camp. 1881