Friday, August 31, 2012

Alfred Palmer - Women Workers in WW2

Alfred Palmer took photos of real-life "Rosie the Riveters" in American munitions factories during World War II.

 A real-life Rosie the Riveter operating a hand drill at Vultee-Nashville, Tennessee, working on an A-31 Vengeance dive bomber, 1943

 A young woman employee of North American Aviation, Incorporated, working over the landing gear mechanism of a P-51 fighter plane, 1942

 A young woman riveting machine operator at the Douglas Aircraft Company, 1942

 Aluminum casting, 1942

 American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, 1942

 Clerk in one of the stock rooms of North American Aviation, 1942

 Engine inspector for North American Aviation at Long Beach, California, 1942

 Engine installer, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California, 1942

 Operating a bolt-cutting machine, 1943

Operating a hand drill at North American Aviation, 1942

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lewis Hine - Cranberry Pickers

 Amelia Louise Sousa, 12 years old. Picks 22 measures. Balmeda 4 years old. Children said she doesn't pick, but she was picking just the same. Falmouth, Baker Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Arnao family. Whole family works. Whites Bog, Browns Mills, NJ, 1910

 Bella Roy, said 11 years old. "Been comin' here 7 years, been pickin' since I was 5 years old." Smart's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Carrie Maderyos ready to pick. Said 12 years old. 
Falmouth, Swift's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Eight-year-old, Jennie Camillo, lives in West Maniyunk, Pa. For this summer she has picked cranberries. This summer is at Theodore Budd's Bog at Turkeytown, near Pemberton, NJ, 1910

 Even the little tiny one about 5 years old was picking. Some others picking regularly. 
Rochester, Eldridge Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Fred Nozzecho, five years old. Picking this year. Theodore Budd's Bog at Turkeytown near Pemberton, NJ, 1910

 General view of Forsythe's Bog, with Padrone. Pemberton, New Jersey, 1910

 Joe carrying cranberries. Said 10 years old. Picks also. 
Falmouth, Swift's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

Manuel Robello, 10 years old. Picks and carries. 
Falmouth, Baker Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

Monday, August 27, 2012

John Vachon

 Meeker County, Minnesota. Music supplied by two Meeker County farmers 
for dance at crossroads store, 1942

 Migrant girls working in cherry canning plant, Berrien County, Michigan, 1940

 Mildred Irwin, entertainer in saloon at North Platte, Nebraska. She entertained for twenty years in Omaha before coming to North Platte, 1938

 Mr. and Mrs. Dyson, aged FSA borrowers. Saint Mary's County, Maryland, 1940

 Parents of five children, migratory fruit workers from Arkansas. 
Berrien County, Michigan, 1940

 Spearing tobacco, Wisconsin, 1939

 Steelworker and family. Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, 1941

 Street scene, Washington, DC, 1937

 Waiting for street car, Chicago, 1940

High school jazz band. Sikeston, Missouri, 1940

Friday, August 24, 2012

Edward S. Curtis - Indians of the Northwest

 Masked Dancers, Kwakiutl

 Nespilim woman standing at water's edge

 Nespilim woman

 Quamichan woman paddles canoe near rushes at river's edge

 Tlakluit woman seated with mortar and pestle, pounding fish

 Umatilla child

 Umatilla maiden

 Wishram bride

 Wishram child

Wishram girl, profile

Thursday, August 23, 2012

William Gottlieb

 Doris Day and Kitty Kallen, 1947
[Doris Day is familiar as a singer and actress. Kitty Kallen was a big band singer.]
[Kitty Kallen singing It's Been a Long, Long Time]

 Duke Ellington

 Duke Ellington

 Duke Ellington

 Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman
[that's a lot of jazz royalty in one photo]
 Ella Fitzgerald

 Ella Fitzgerald

 Ethel Waters

 Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra