Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi, all.  I'm taking a break for the holidays and won't be posting regularly until 2013.

Hope you have a wonderful and happy time of it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cabinet cards

 Class photo, Prague, Nebraska

 David and Richard Evans, Youngstown, Ohio

 Five siblings, Duren, Germany, 1906

 Girl in daisy field, Baraboo, Wisconsin

 Girl in wicker chair

 Girl in winter clothes, Dover, New Hampshire

 Girls in fancy dresses, Goshen, New York

 Goin' fishin'

 Little girl with parasol, Chicago

Little girl, London, England

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Arthur Rothstein

 Vernon Evans and family of Lemmon, South Dakota, near Missoula, Montana, 
Highway 10. Leaving the grasshopper-ridden and drought-stricken area 
for a new start in Oregon and Washington, 1936

 Visitors at the State Fair, Rutland, Vermont, 1937

 Wash day. The daughter of a migrant fruit worker from Tennessee, 
now encamped near Winter Haven, Florida, 1937

 Weaving shop, FSA camp, Sinton, Texas, 1942

 Wife and child of Alabama sharecropper, Walker County, Alabama, 1937

 Wife and child of sharecropper, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, 1935

 Wife and child of squatter, Old Rag, Virginia, 1935

Wife and children of Negro tenant farmer, Tupelo, Mississippi, 1935

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Russell Lee - Kids

 Picnic on the Fourth of July, Vale, Oregon, 1941

 Schoolchildren on circular swing, San Augustine, Texas, 1939

 Schoolchildren, Southeast Missouri Farms, 1938

 Schoolchildren, directed by their music teacher, sing at the pie supper. 
McIntosh County, Oklahoma, 1940

 Son of Negro farmer in front of cabin south of Marshall, Texas, 1939

 Son of Pomp Hall, Negro tenant farmer, unharnessing mule on his father's farm, Creek County, Oklahoma, 1940

 Son of day laborer on farm near Ralls, Texas. He is drinking from the jug which is carried on his father's tractor, 1939

 Son of migrant stepping from covered wagon-type trailer, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, 1939

 Son of sharecropper in window of old home, Southeast Missouri Farms, 1938

Southeast Missouri Farms. Children of sharecropper picking string beans, 1938

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lewis Hine - Mill Workers

 Some of the workers in the Pickett Cotton Mill, High Point, NC, 1912

 Some of the youngest workers in Roanoke (Virginia) Cotton Mills, 1911

 Spinners and doffers in Lancaster Cotton Mills. Dozens of them in this mill, 1908

 The Rising Generation, Gregtown, Augusta, where the hands in King Mill live. 
"Worst part of Augusta." 1909

 These all work in Cleveland Hosiery Mills, Cleveland, Tennessee, 1910
[of all the hundreds of photos Hine took, this is my favorite]
 This shows the number of small children on the day shift (50 employees in all) Whitnel, (NC) Cotton Mfg. Co. Nearly as many small ones on night shift. 1908

 Workers in Knoxville Cotton Mill. Knoxville, Tennessee, 1910

 Workers in Knoxville Knitting Mills. Knoxville, Tennessee, 1910

 Young girls going to work after noon hour in Great Falls Mfg. Co., Somersworth, New Hampshire, 1909

Young spinners in Elk Cotton Mills. Youngest girl hardly knew her name. 
Fayetteville, Tennessee, 1910
[I'm sure she knew her name. She was probably extremely shy 
about being questioned by some strange man.]

Monday, December 17, 2012

National Photo Company

The National Photo Company was a news photo service, focused on Washington, DC, most active in the period from 1910-1930.

 Boy seated with orangutan on bench at the National Zoo, Washington, DC

 Bucky Harris autographing scorecards on dugout steps, on Ladies Day, 1925
[about Bucky Harris]
 Crowd in front of the Dixie Theater, Washington, DC, 1920

 Descendants of the original Americans and the early French settlers 
meet at the White House as callers on their president, 1929

 Dorothy Kelly, Virginia Hunter, Elaine Griggs, Hazel Brown and Mary Kaminsky in bathing suits seated on two large blocks of ice, Washington, DC, 1920s

 Elizabeth Holcomb and Charlotte Williams, on White House lawn, 1929

 Fifty-fifty - something better than rolling Easter eggs. 1922

 Four prize winners in annual beauty show, Washington Bathing Beach, Washington, DC, 1922
[a more realistic standard of beauty, pre-supermodel era]
 Gardiner Orme in his speed boat at the opening of yachting season by the 
Corinthian yacht Club, Washington, D.C., with debutantes Sally Hew Phillips, 
Fanny Dial, Frances Gore and Georgiana Joyes, 1920s

 Mack Sennett girl in bathing suit holding up oar

 Mary Jayne seated in rocking chair with pistol strapped to her knee, 
claiming exemption from concealed weapon regulation by saying her thirty-two 
isn't a concealed weapon in these days of knee-length skirts. 1922
[This photo may be in poor taste given the recent events in Connecticut, but it certainly 
demonstrates that America's insane fascination with guns is a long-standing issue.]

 Miss Goldie Dunn and Miss Louise Hiatt, of the National Council 
for the Prevention of War, holding isolationist posters, 1924
[actually, a close reading of the posters reveals them to be anti-isolationist]
 President Calvin Coolidge and Mother Jones, 1924
[Mother Jones was a famous labor organizer]

 Baby show, Washington, DC, 1920

Secretarial staff of V.P. Charles Curtis at work - 
Lola Williams, Golden Bales, Florence Hasson, 1929
[Curtis was Herbert Hoover's Vice President.]