Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lifestyles of the Rich

From Harris & Ewing.

 A typical Hollywood reception was accorded Miss Marion Weldon, 
Paramount starlet, as she arrived in Washington today to represent the 
movie city in participating in National Airmail Week. May 1938
 Colonel and Madame Nicolai Golejevski of the Russian Embassy at a horse show, 1915
 Dolly Madison Breakfast. Genevieve Clark, 1912
[daughter of Champ Clark, Speaker of the House]
 Dolly Madison Breakfast. Mrs. William F. Dennis, 
Mrs. Chase Riker, Mrs. Mann Barker, 1912
 Edgewood Hunt. George H. Chase, Mrs. Chase, 
Mrs. Tuckerman, Mrs. R. H. Chapman, 1912
 Gladys Ingalls at dog show, 1916
 Miss Laura Merriam, married James F. Curtis, 1912
 Miss Lucy Bowles at horse show, 1917
 Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. McLean
[this fantastically wealthy couple had a hard go of it]
 Mrs. Drew Pearson
Mrs. William Howard Taft

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