Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some family pictures

These are pictures of my mother's family, the Sherricks of Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

 My mother, then Bonnie Sherrick, right, and her older sister, my Aunt Bib (both now deceased). 
Taken in 1924.

 Five Sherrick siblings (Aunt Bib is in the back with her head cut off) and their maternal (Bryar) grandparents. Another one from 1924.

 This is my Aunt Nancy, taken around 1925. It's one of my favorite pictures of her. 
She was a character, as you can tell from this!

 Sherrick family, 1938. From left, Jacob and Emma (my maternal grandparents), Ed, Dick, Bib, Nancy, and Bonnie (my mother).

 My mother's college graduation picture, 1940. She went to West Virginia Wesleyan College. First woman in her family to get a college degree. This is probably my favorite picture of her.

This is my mother and father (before they were married). December 1941, probably shortly after Pearl Harbor.

 Another one of my parents pre-marriage. I think it's from 1942.

 My mother as a school teacher in Berea, Ohio, in April 1942.

 Here's my mother (right) with a friend and the friend's baby ("Joey") 
in Coral Gables, Florida, in 1943.

 Mother (second from left, with white turban) with her crew in 1944. 
Probably in Fort Myers, Florida.

 Here's my cousin Sue Cashion (now Sue Heizer), Aunt Bib's daughter, in 1946.

Here's a pretty outrageous picture of Aunt Nancy! It's undated, probably sometime in the 1940s.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Frances Benjamin Johnston

Frances Benjamin Johnston was one of the earliest women photographers. She did a lot of photographs of schoolchildren, some of which are posted in this set. There's a large collection of her work online (in raw form) at the Library of Congress.

 2nd Division grade school pupils examining a mailbox

 6 girls in art class, drawing at easels, Eastern High School, Washington, DC, 1899

 Academie Julian, Paris, group of art students, 1885

 African American children and teacher in classroom studying corn and cotton, 
Annie Davis School, near Tuskegee, Alabama, 1902

 African American schoolgirls with teacher, learning to cook on a wood stove in classroom, 1899

 American Indian and African American students at Hampton Institute, 
men and women in chemistry lab, 1899

 American Indian and African American students at Hampton Institute, 
women studying human respiratory system, 1899

 Art Class

Class of the Sixth Division at the Library of Congress, 1899

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A few Civil War pictures

 Bealeton, Virginia. Capt. Cunningham of Gen. T.F. Meagher's staff, 1863

 Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte McLaughlen and staff, Washington, DC, 1865

 Group at headquarters, Provost Marshal Department, Petersburg, Virginia, 1864

 Group of mechanics of 1st Division, 9th Army Corps, Petersburg, Virginia, 1864

 Group of officers at headquarters, Army of the Potomac, Petersburg, Virginia, 1864

William Morris Smith: Headquarters of Gen. Gershom Mott, 
vicinity of Washington, DC, 1865

Friday, May 25, 2012

Arthur Rothstein

Another set from Arthur Rothstein.

 Clearing the snow off the streets of Chillicothe, Ohio, 1940

 Cornhusking contest, Marshall County, Iowa, 1939

 Cranberry picker, Burlington County, New Jersey, 1938

 Cranberry pickers, Burlington County, New Jersey, 1938

 Crowds watching children's parade, part of Charro Days celebration, 
Brownsville, Texas, 1942

Cutting ice on the Ottaqueechee River, Coos County, New Hampshire, 1936

 Daughters of a migratory family who are now working in the packinghouse 
at Belle Glade, Florida, 1937

 Daughters of resettlement clients who have formed 4-H Club, 
Western Slope Farms, Colorado, 1939

 Evicted sharecroppers along Highway 60, New Madrid County, Missouri, 1939

Family of evicted sharecroppers along Highway 60, 
New Madrid County, Missouri, 1939

 Family from Italian section of Philadelphia working in cranberry bog, 1938

Thursday, May 24, 2012

World War I, ctd

Another set of photos from the First World War.

 Canadian machine gun squad on Vimy Ridge

 Canadians in captured German trench at the Battle of Hill 70

 Destroyed German trench at the Battle of Messines

 Five soldiers silhouetted at the Battle of Broodseinde

 Football in No-Man's-Land during 1914 Christmas Truce

 French and American soldiers advancing through No-Man's Land, 1918

 French army cyclists

 French assault on German positions

 French couple in Brieulles-sur-Bar welcoming British soldiers

 French troops near the Marne

German infantry attacking at Verdun

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Edward S. Curtis - Southwest Indians, ctd

More photos of Southwest Indians by Edward S. Curtis.

 A Navajo Woman

 Acoma Roadway

 Acoma Water Carriers

 Apache Babe in Carrier

 At the Ford, Apaches

Jicarilla Girl in Feast Dress

 Maricopa Water Girl

 Mizheh and Babe, Apache

 Navaho matron

 Papago Indian woman

Qahatika Girl