Friday, February 28, 2014

San Francisco Earthquake

The disaster continues...

 Refugee camp near Protestant Orphan Asylum. Market and Buchanan Streets
 Refugee camp, Fort Mason
 Relief camp with refugee tents
 S.F. Red Cross and Relief, No. 3, Camp Ingleside, July 1907
 Street scene at foot of Market Street
 Street scene, Geary St. looking toward Market
 Telegraph Hill. From Ferry Building
 Temporary houses. Golden Gate Park
 Tilted wooden-frame houses, Howard St. between Eighteenth and Nineteenth Streets
U.S. Army Field Hospital. Picturing nurse, officers, and horse-drawn ambulance

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Joseph Pennell

 Chapman High School Canning Club with display of canned foods, 1917
 Chapman High School cooking class, 1917
 Chapman High School Home Economics class in session, 1913
 Edith Mackey and three friends in rowboat, 1907
 Group of women at Miss Boenan's party, 1909
 Leo Loeb and friends in auto, 1905
 Portrait of Clara Cox and Grace Jones, 1912
 Portrait of Harriet Axford, 1904
 Portrait of Jacob Posner and wife, 1909
 Portrait of Mrs. E. Bradbury, 1919
Royal Neighbor Team - group of women holding brooms, 1912

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove is a large campsite located in the northern California redwoods. It is the stomping ground of the Bohemian Club, which started in 1872 as a gathering of journalists, artists, and musicians, but was soon co-opted by businessmen and the powerful. 

Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove (for conspiracy theory buffs)

 Bird's-eye view of members seated at tables in dining area, Bohemian Grove, 1904
 Four men [one is William Letts Oliver]. "A Scotch Story," Bohemian Grove
 Group of men with horses and wagons, Bohemian Grove
 Group portrait of men around piano, Bohemian Grove
 Group portrait of men by tent and sign, "Tin-types while you wait"
 Group portrait of men with paintings, 1904
 Man sitting in camp, with sign, "Holy smoke," Bohemian Grove
 Men gathered near campfire, Bohemian Grove
 Men in camp with poster "Moulin Rouge," and paper lanterns, Bohemian Grove
 Men playing game of chess, Bohemian Grove
 Men sitting on long wooden bench, Bohemian Grove
 Two men by stream, Bohemian Grove
Two men in Japanese robes, Bohemian Grove

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arnold Genthe - Chinatown

Here are a few of Mr. Genthe's iconic photos of turn-of-the-century Chinatown in San Francisco. 

 A native son, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 Apricot Spring Orchard drugstore, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 At the corner of Dupont and Jackson Streets, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 Children in traditional dress
 Chinese and American women walking down a street, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 In softly gaudy colors, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 Loafers, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 On Portsmouth Square, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 Passers-by, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 Reading the Tong proclamation, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 Reading wall notices, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 The fish dealer's daughter, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 The grocery store, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
 The street of painted balconies, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906
The street of the slave girls, Chinatown, San Francisco, 1896-1906

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dick Whittington

 Babe Stapp and Gregg's ship, Santa Monica Airport, 1933
 Bathing girl in cretonne suit, Los Angeles, 1925
 Bathing girl, Southern California, 1931
 Bathing suits, Southern California, 1931
 Bathing suits, Southern California, 1931
 Beauty parlor, Southern California, 1933
 Betty Garry at Magnolia Park, Burbank, California, 1928
 Bill Meikeljohn Show at Bard's Theater, Southern California, 1927
 Billie Barnes in Spanish costume, Leimert Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1928
 Boys driving to Mexico City, Southern California, 1930
 Breakfast club group, Southern California, 1930
Breakfast Club with Olympic champions, Southern California, 1929