Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lewis Hine

 "Radishes! Penny a bunch!" Sixth St. Market, Cincinnati. 10 PM, 1908
A group of girl workers at Greenabaum's Cannery. 
They range from 6 years of age up. Seaford, Delaware, 1910
 Callie Campbell, 11 years old, picks 75 to 125 pounds of cotton a day, 1916
 Fruit venders, Indianapolis Market, 1908
 Some of the young girls who roll cigarettes, Danville, Virginia, 1911
 Starting in business early. Selling vegetables in the market. Boston, Massachusetts, 1909
 Tending stand, Canal St. New York, New York, 1910
 Vendors. Bowery. New York, New York, 1910
 Young workers at a Lawrence, Massachusetts, manufacturing concern, 1911
Lena Lochiavo, 11 years old, Basket Seller, Sixth Street Market, Cincinnati, 1908

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