Saturday, August 31, 2013

San Francisco Earthquake

The great earthquake of April 18, 1906 that leveled San Francisco still ranks as one of the greatest disasters to strike an American city. Here are some photos taken in the aftermath of that event.

 Aftermath of San Francisco earthquake
 Burning of San Francisco. Mission District
 Clearing away the debris
 Fresh vegetables and fruits for special diet
 Main Building. Agnew State Hospital
People leaving the city
This is the famous photo by Arnold Genthe of the city burning
 San Francisco in ruins
 SF earthquake damage. Photo by John Molfino
 Dead horses in the earthquake's aftermath
 Soldiers in San Francisco ruins
Stockton Street from Union Square, looking toward Market Street
 Typical bread line in the early stages of relief distribution 
after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake
Bread line
 Van Ness Avenue at Vallejo Street
A refugee camp (possibly) in the vicinity of Haight Street and Central Avenue

Friday, August 30, 2013

Roman Vishniac

 Beth Israel Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, early 1940s
 Beth Israel Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, early 1940s
Children playing on a street lined with swastika flags, probably outskirts of Berlin, mid-1930s
 During the Summer Olympic Games, Wittenbergplatz, Berlin, 1936
 Factory worker cutting and grinding glass, Hoffman MF & Co., New York, 1942-44
 German family walking between taxicabs in front of the 
Ufa-Palast movie theater, Berlin, late 1920s-early 1930s
 Jewish refugee from Europe arriving on a children's transport under 
 the sponsorship of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 
a Quaker organization, City College of New York, West Harlem, 1941
 Lublin Ghetto in Poland
Recalcitrance, Berlin, 1926

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Neurdein Frères

 Algeria. Tlemcen. Young Moorish woman
 Chateau de Caze
 Constantine. Ancien Palais d'Ahmed-Bey
 Constantine. Maures
 Eiffel Tower during 1889 Exposition
 Femme des Ouled Naı̈ls
 Le Grand Palais - L'exposition de sculpture
 Nice. Winter Garden in the Municipal Casino
 Soubassement d'une pile. Septembre 1888
 Tunis. La Porte de la Folle (Bab-Menara)
 Tunis. Mosquée Sidi-ben-Ziaa
Young Jewish girls, Tunis

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Robert Doisneau

 A young girl crossing the street on roller skates on chaussée de la Muette in Paris, 1955
 Accordionist playing in a bistro near Les Halles, ca. 1950
 At the Café, Chez Fraysse, Rue de Seine, Paris, 1958
 Baiser Blotto, 1950
 Be Bop cellar, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, 1951
 Casting at Concert Mayol, 1953
Concert Mayol, 1952
 Children in the Palais Royale garden, ca. 1950
 Couple from the Quai de la Rapée, 1951
 Dream girls, 1952
 Fishermen, Pont De La Tournelle, Paris, 1951
 Harvesting, 1957
 Jacqueline Delubac in the balcony, Paris, 1951
 Jacques Prevert at a coffee table, 1955
 Jardin Des Plantes, 1951
 July 14 Party in the Street, Paris, 1956
Le Java, 1951