Friday, August 30, 2013

Roman Vishniac

 Beth Israel Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, early 1940s
 Beth Israel Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, early 1940s
Children playing on a street lined with swastika flags, probably outskirts of Berlin, mid-1930s
 During the Summer Olympic Games, Wittenbergplatz, Berlin, 1936
 Factory worker cutting and grinding glass, Hoffman MF & Co., New York, 1942-44
 German family walking between taxicabs in front of the 
Ufa-Palast movie theater, Berlin, late 1920s-early 1930s
 Jewish refugee from Europe arriving on a children's transport under 
 the sponsorship of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 
a Quaker organization, City College of New York, West Harlem, 1941
 Lublin Ghetto in Poland
Recalcitrance, Berlin, 1926


  1. The picture titled "The Lublin Ghetto" was not taken in a ghetto. There were no ghettos in prewar Poland, of course, there were Jewish quarters, but you have to remember that ghettos were created by Germans, after they invaded Poland in 1939. None of the people on this picture wear Star of David attached to their coats, in one of the windows there is a Polish flag, so apparently this was taken before the war.

  2. Remarkable photography!!! Thank you ..