Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Henry Clay High School

 From Lafayette Studios, here are photos from Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky. Their web site calls it "the oldest public high school in Lexington."

 Henry Clay High School group, 1931
 Henry Clay High School orchestra with Miss Fox, 1933
 Henry Clay High School play, 1935
 Henry Clay High School, 1934
 Henry Clay High School, girls gymnastics class, 1934
 Henry Clay High School, harmonica group, 1933
 Henry Clay High School, harmonicas & kazoos, 1936
 Henry Clay High School, operetta (Pirates of Penzance?), 1933
 Henry Clay High School, orchestra, 1933
Henry Clay School, group of girls, 1935

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Arlington Farms

Here's another set of photos of this "residence for women who work in the U.S. government for the duration of [World War II]". Esther Bubley is the photographer.

 Girl getting food in the service shop at Idaho Hall, Arlington Farms, 1943

 Girl on her way to the laundry room stops in one of the 
small alcoves to talk to some of her girlfriends, 1943

 Girls eating hot dogs in the service shop in Idaho Hall, Arlington Farms, 1943

 Girls entertaining their guests in one of the two card rooms, Arlington Farms, 1943

 Girls entertaining their guests in one of the two card rooms, 
Arlington Farms. More privacy is afforded here than in the main lounge, 1943

 Girls in two of the long line of showers at Idaho Hall, Arlington Farms, 1943

 Jitterbugs at the bi-weekly Saturday night "open house" dance at Idaho Hall, Arlington Farms, a residence for women who work in the govermnent for the duration of the war, 1943

 Mirrors over the dressing table conceals a cabinet which gives girls 
extra space for their cosmetics, etc., at Arlington Farms, 1943
Laundry room in Idaho Halls, Arlington Farms, 1943

Monday, April 28, 2014

Vintage Car Wrecks

These photos of auto accidents in the Boston area were taken by Leslie Jones.

 Ambulance tips over on Stuart Street, Boston
 Auto accident in front of Hotel Vendome
 Auto accident in South End, 1931
 Auto accident, 1935
 Auto accident, corner of Warren Ave. and W. Canton St., South End
 Auto goes into pond, ca. 1938
 Auto goes into trench in Peabody Square, 1931
 Auto overturned at corner of Radcliffe Street, 1938
 Auto wreck, Burlington, Massachusetts, 1931
 Auto wreck, North Station, ca. 1929
Auto wreck, Roxbury crossing Columbus Avenue, 1931

Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dick Whittington

 Flower show with Japanese girls, Southern California, 1931
 Ginger ale bottling machine, Southern California, 1931
 Girls in dress rehearsal, Kenwood Hall School for Girls, Southern California, 1932
 Group of high school girls at Hill Street office, Pacific Ready Cut, Los Angeles, 1927
 Hikers in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, 1932
 Japanese flower girl, Southern California Flower Association, 1934
 Marmon car and show girls at Gables Club, Southern California, 1926
 Midge Miller & Will Morrisey's "Exposures", Southern California, 1927
 Oil well fire, Southern California, 1931
[probably the single most dramatic photo yet posted on this blog]
Old time costume party, Southern California, 1928

Saturday, April 26, 2014

University of Kentucky

More photos from their archives.

 "The Medium," 1956
 Fans cheering at a sporting event, 1955
 Lance's Carnival, 1949
 Lance's Carnival, 1949
[funny how "Cleopatra" is dressed like Wonder Woman!]
 Lance's Carnival, 1949
 Lance's Carnival, 1949
 Sadie Hawkins Dance, 1949
 Sadie Hawkins Dance, 1949
 Sadie Hawkins Dance, 1949
 Sadie Hawkins Dance, 1949
Women of the Chi Omega sorority socializing, 1955