Monday, June 30, 2014

Dick Whittington

 Hat manufacturing shop, Ross-Cordez, Southern California, 1931
 Hollywood Music Box girls at beach, Southern California, 1927
 Jacqueline Logan at her home, Southern California, 1928
 Japanese children dressed in colorful robes and garb of the Orient 
as they paraded in Buddhist ceremonies at Treasure Island yesterday, April 1939
 Judges and judgesses, California Breakfast Club, Southern California, 1931
 Ken Murray and Paramount girls at Malibu La Costa, 1931
 L.A. Creamery girls, Southern California, 1926
 Lions Club, going for a ride, Beverly Hills, 1929
Marmon car with dancer on radiator, Southern California, 1926

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Winter Fun

Just in time for the height of summer (northern hemisphere, of course), here is a reminder of the cold times.

 Lady feeding pigeons on Boston Common, in winter, 1923
 Making snowmen, 1939
 Maple syrup time
 Maribel Vinson, national champ, fancy skater, 1929
 Pedestrians and autos, big snow storm in Boston, 1936
 Pedestrians struggle to keep their feet during Valentine's Day snow storm, biggest in 50 years, 1940
 Public Garden, horse falls through ice, 1929
 Public Garden, snow-covered autos parked outside fence
 Remarkable ice formation on the Charles River, 1929
 Remarkable snowstorm, big blizzard as it appeared on Scollay square, ca. 1930
 Riding bicycles on ice, Public Garden
 Skating crowd, Jamaica Pond, 1922
Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Vintage Finland

These are taken from this Flickr set.

 May Day celebrations in Helsinki, ca. 1900
 Mikonkatu, Helsinki, ca. 1900
 Restaurant Opera Cellar, Helsinki, ca. 1900
 Russian military, Helsinki, ca. 1900
 Russian soldiers in Helsinki Senate Square, ca. 1900
 Seashore of Töölönlahti, Helsinki, ca. 1900
 Seurasaari, Helsinki, ca. 1900
 The Market Square, Helsinki, ca. 1900
 The steam ship "Östra Skärgården" outside the Market Square in Helsinki, ca. 1900

Friday, June 27, 2014

John Vachon - Color Photos

 Children playing by road near school house, Kansas, 1942-43
 Eagle Fruit Store and Capital Hotel, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942
 Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942
 Seed and feed store, Lincoln Nebraska, 1942
 Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943
 Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943
Rural school girl, San Augustine County, Texas, April 1943

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Frederick Nelson Jones

 Group of Girl Guides outside the Nelson School of Music, ca. 1920s
 Groups alongside trams and a band rotunda, Christchurch, ca. 1910
 Horse drawn buggy, ca. 1914
 Ladies' Hockey game, England versus Nelson, 29 August, 1914
 McKay's ladies cricket team, Trafalgar Park, Nelson, 1925
 Members of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Regiment travelling 
through Nelson before leaving to fight in World War I, 18 August 1914
 Men and women working in a hop field in the Nelson-Marlborough Region, ca. 1910
 Men in a Model T Ford parked by the side of the road, 1915-16
 Men of the Waimea football team in a Littles Motor Service bus in Nelson, 7 April 1923
 Motorcade for the Duke and Duchess of York, Cuba Street, Wellington, 1927
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

University of Kentucky

 Elementary students working in Mrs. Haines art class at U - Hi, 1955
 Group portrait of Greendale students riding in a horse-drawn wagon
 May Day, 1926. University of Kentucky students having fun with the evolution debate
 The tamest game of cards ever recorded in Kentucky - 
no chips and the people around have no scared looks, 1906
[tamest even though there are two guns in the scene?]
[image quality is not very good but it's such a great picture I had to include it]
 Waitresses at the Jerry’s Drive-In Restaurant registered a friendly protest after hearing a report that the company was ordering new chemise uniforms for all its waitresses, 1958
 Watermelon feast, probably during the summer session, 1956
 Women waiting in line to get food, 1955
Women working on the assembly line at the 
National Distillers Corporation packing department in September 1944