Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Interesting women

From Harris & Ewing, here are some photos of interesting women.

 A rare picture is this one of the women members of the 75th congress who were photographed today following an informal luncheon in the Speaker's dining room at the Capitol. 1938

 Col. Roscoe Turner, winner of speed trophies in the air, dropped down to Washington Airport today with a red high wing monoplane which he presented to the friends of New China, represented by Miss Hilds Yen, Chinese Aviatrix. 1939

 Miss Elizabeth Funk, in laboratory, 1917

 Miss Sigrid Holmquist

 Mrs. Albert F. Walker of Westmoreland Hills, Maryland, has been declared 1937 women's skeet shooting champion of the country by the National Skeet Shooting Association

 Mrs. G. Owen

 Munitions workers. Women, 1918

 One volt after another is all in the day's work for Mrs. L.H. Brickwedde, 
who is a battery expert for the National Bureau of Standards. 1937

 Queenie Ladovitch

 Ruth Baxter, 1937-38

 Sally Halterman, 1937

 Señorita Erma Castillo Nauera, daughter of the Mexican Ambassador and Senora de Castillo Nauera, has taken up the study of hula dancing at a local dance school. 1939

 Woman on bicycle, 1917-1918

 Woman playing with drums, ca. 1940

 Women's Press Club skit instructs future first ladies on how to get along. 2. 'Retaliate, reciprocate, 
at any rate, cooperate. If I scratch your back, then you'll scratch mine.' March 1940

 Miss Edith Gracie. Dog show, 1915

Miss M.K. Little

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