Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cabinet Cards

 Couple in Parkersburg, Iowa
 Couple with woman sitting at man's feet
 Elderly couple
 Elegant young woman, Rockland, Maine
 Family portrait, Duluth, Minnesota
 Family portrait, Great Falls, Montana
 Family portrait, Prague
 Fashionable black woman, Reno, Nevada
 Florence Mette Young, Mount Vernon, Ohio
 General Horace Porter, Civil War hero
Hershey family, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1907
[I wonder if the gentleman is Milton Hershey, who gave the world the "Hershey bar".
Comparing this with the picture at the link, I can't tell. On second look, they can't be the same,
because the photo at the link was taken in 1905, and he is clearly older than the fellow above.
Maybe they're at least related?]

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