Saturday, June 22, 2013

Francis Stewart - Japanese Internment

 Residents of Colorado River Relocation Center for persons 
of Japanese ancestry requesting repatriation to Japan, 1942
 Robert Naeda, 9, son of the first family to arrive at this War Relocation Authority center, 
studies his school lessons in a home-made chair, Poston, Arizona, 1942
 Rose Nakagawa, former student from San Francisco, California, now works 
as a mimeograph operator on the Topaz Times. Topaz, Utah, 1943

 S. Hanasaki, former vegetable seed specialist from San Jose, California, shown inspecting 
carrot plants, now ready to be harvested for seeds, Rivers, Arizona, 1942
 Selling skates in community store in Block 30. 
(L to R) Betty Yasunobu, Nellie Arai, salesgirl. Hunt, Idaho, 1943
 Sewing school. Evacuee students are taught here not only to design 
but make clothing as well, Poston, Arizona, 1943
 Student Mary Sakai, former resident of Stockton, California, is shown 
putting sliced carrots in a double boiler in preparation for the drying process, 1943
 Takeshi Shindo, Reporter for the Manzanar Free Press, and his girl friend Toshiko Mikami, 
enjoy a pleasant afternoon at the picnic ground at this War Relocation Authority Center. 
Manzanar, California, 1943
 The baggage, belonging to evacuees who have just arrived from the assembly center at Puyallup, Washington, is sorted and trucked to their barrack apartments. Hunt, Idaho, 1942
 These two little evacuees of Japanese ancestry are getting acquainted at this 
War Relocation Authority center, Poston, Arizona, 1942
 These youngsters are playing in the field of a nursery school at Manzanar. 1942
 Two young girl evacuees of Japanese ancestry invite their boy friends 
to dance at a barn dance given by Block 12, Poston, Arizona, 1942

 View in the home of Eizo Nishi, showing attractive way this evacuee family 
has decorated their barrack apartment. Hunt, Idaho, 1943
 Watering chrysanthemum plants in Nakata and Son hot house. Many rare and 
patented flowers have been developed by this firm, Rivers, Arizona, 1942
 Welders in the machine shop at this War Relocation Authority Center, 
Poston, Arizona, 1943
 Winter time panorama view. Hunt, Idaho, 1943
Yachiyo Honda and Sakae Nakasaki pin a favor on Jean Honda at a barn dance 
given by Block 12 at the War Relocation Authority center where evacuees 
are spending the duration, Poston, Arizona, 1942