Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Russell Lee - Kids

More photos of children by Russell Lee.

 Child of migrant strawberry picker in front of tent home near Hammond, Louisiana, 1939

 Child of migrant strawberry picker, Hammond, Louisiana, 1939

 Child of sharecropper, Southeast Missouri Farms, 1938

 Children at the FSA Camelback Farms inspect the photographer's camera, 
Phoenix, Arizona, 1942

 Children in front of moving picture show, Alpine, Texas, 1939

 Children looking at posters in front of movie, Saturday, Steele, Missouri, 1938

 Children of Bodray family playing. Near Tipler, Wisconsin, 1937

 Children of Mrs. Bodray's daughter in their shack near Tipler, Wisconsin. 
A sheet separates the front part of their one-room shack from the rear, 1937

 Children of farm workers living at the FSA (Farm Security Administration) labor camp. 
Caldwell, Idaho, 1941

 Children of farmer sitting in automobile waiting for father to come out of general store. 
Jarreau, Louisiana, 1938

 Children of migrants from west Texas sitting on mattresses just unloaded from trailer. 
Harlingen, Texas, 1939

 Children of migratory laborers asleep at the Work Projects Administration nursery school at the Agua Fria Migratory Labor Camp, Arizona, 1940

Children of miners, Silverton, Colorado, 1940

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