Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lewis Hine - Farm Work

 Annette Roy, the youngest worker. Said 7 years old. Picked last year. 
Smart's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Group of children carrying in their pecks to the "bushel man." 
Theodore Budd's Bog at Turkeytown near Pemberton, NJ, 1910

 Mary Christmas, nearly 4 years old. Picks cranberries sometimes. She is now picking up berries spilled at the barrels by Grandfather. Falmouth, Week's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911
[who names their kid "Mary Christmas"??]
 Merilda. Carrying cranberries. Rochester, Eldridge Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Smallest girl is Rosie. Carries cranberries. Whites Bog, Brown Mills, NJ, 1910

 Susie Fava. Picks 8 pails a day. Said 8 years old. Gets 8 cents a pail. 
Rochester, Eldridge Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Young pickers on Swift's Bog. All working. 
Falmouth, Swift's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Annie Bissie, a little picker in the fields near Baltimore, 1909

 Benkendorfer farm near West, Texas. Owned by father and well kept up. Mandy, six years old, picks twenty-five pounds a day. Sophie, nine years old picks ninety pounds a day, 1913

 Laura Petty, a 6 year old berry picker on Jenkins farm, 
Rock Creek near Baltimore, Maryland, 1909

In front of shacks at noon, Florence colony, Whites Bog, Browns Mills, NJ, 1910