Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dorothea Lange - Sharecroppers

 Colored sharecropper and his children about to leave home through the pine woods after their morning work at the tobacco farm stringing and putting up tobacco. 
Shoofly, Granville County, North Carolina, 1939

 Sharecropper's cabin and sharecropper's wife, 
ten miles south of Jackson, Mississippi, 1937

 Son of sharecropper family at work in the cotton near Chesnee, South Carolina, 1937

 The cotton sharecropper's unit is one mule and the land he can cultivate with a one-horse plow. Greene County, Georgia, 1937

 Thirteen-year old sharecropper boy near Americus, Georgia, 1937

 Wife and child of tobacco sharecropper. The littlest girl comes in from outside for something to eat while mother is doing her housework. Person County, North Carolina, 1939

 Young sharecropper and his first child. Hillside Farm. Person County, North Carolina, 1939

Negro sharecropper house. Person County, North Carolina, 1939


  1. Love pictures and stories from times past🙏

  2. I remember some of these times when things were hard but simpler. People had morals and respect for self and others. No body starved on a farm! Love so many pictures have been taken to preserve this time in our history. I've worked behind a mule and plow, many times from age eight on ...