Monday, June 11, 2012

Lewis Hine - Tenement Workers, ctd

Another set of Lewis Hine pictures of tenement workers.

 Home-work on embroidery, New York, 1912

 Jennie Rizzandi, 9 year old girl, helping mother and father finish garments in a dilapidated tenement. New York, New York, 1913

 Making hair-brushes. Hausner family. The mother had a sore throat and wore a great rag rapped around it, but she took it off for the photo. They said they all worked until 10 pm when busy, New York, 1912

 Mrs. A.L.A. She & her 3 children - 11, 9, & 6 yrs old work at flower making, 1915

 Mrs. Larocca making willow plumes in an unlicensed tenement, New York, 1912

 Mrs. Lucy Libertine and family, picking nuts in the basement tenement, New York, 1912

 Mrs. Mary Rena, picking nuts with dirty baby in lap. Two neighbors helping. Girl is cracking nuts with her teeth, not an uncommon sight. Mr. Rena works on dock. New York, New York, 1911

 Mrs. Palontona and 13 year old daughter, Michaeline, working on "Pillow-lace" in dirty kitchen of their tenement home. New York, New York, 1911

Yetta Leider, making hair-goods for Mowshowitz, 2nd floor front in dirty and ill-kept bed-room at 81 Ridge St., NY, 1912

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