Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ann Rosener

Ann Rosener was one of the photographers taking pictures of home-front factory work in World War II. Most of her photos focused on women manufacturing war materiel. Here's her obituary.

 Both men and women man the machines which are turning out parts for America's bomber planes at Willow Run, Michigan, 1942

 Negro women with no previous industrial experience are reconditioning used spark plugs in a large Midwest airplane plant, Buick plant, Melrose Park, 1942

 Pioneers of the production line, these two young workers are among the first women ever to operate a centerless grinder, Republic Drill and Tool Company, Chicago, 1942

 Reconditioning used spark plugs for reuse in testing airplane motors, Mighnon Gunn operates this small testing machine with speed and precision although she was new to the job two months ago, 1942

 Spot welding parts for the nacelle of an aircraft engine. These women work in the largest one-story building in the works, the giant bomber plant at Willow Run, Michigan, 1942

 Steady of eye and hand, women workers at the great Willow Run bomber plant are among those throughout the country who are relieving serious shortages of skilled workers by doing such semi-skilled jobs as the one shown here, 1942

Women at work for victory. These young employees of a Midwest drill and tool plant are operating cylindrical grinders which taper drills to specified size, Republic Drill and Tool Company, Chicago, 1942

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