Friday, June 8, 2012

Edward S. Curtis - Indians of the Northwest

Here are photos by Edward S. Curtis of Indian people of the Northwest Coast and Columbia Plateau.

 A Skokomish Indian chief's daughter
[about the Skokomish Tribe]

 A mat shelter, Skokomish

 Cayuse woman on horseback, wearing beaded buckskin dress
[about the Cayuse Tribe]

 Cayuse woman

 Dusty Dress, a Kalispel Indian woman
[about the Kalispel Tribe]

 Home of the Kalispel

 Kalispel girl

 Klamath man in traditional dress squatting next to an enormous tree
[about the Klamath Tribe]
  Photograph shows a Klamath woman in a dugout canoe resting in a field of wokas, or great yellow water lilies (nymphaea polysepala) used as food, probably in the Klamath Basin area of Oregon

 Klamath woman seated in front of house thatched with rush mats

Klamath woman

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  1. I am enrolled Klamath Tribal member our TRIBES have been residents of SOUTHERN Oregon state for many more years than anyone knows, we have proof.