Saturday, September 21, 2013

Henri Lemoine

Henri Lemoine (1848-1924) was the incarnation of the typical Sunday photographer. The hundreds of shots acquired from his descendants reveal the spectator curious of the life of his time. 

 Bois d'Amour at Pont-Aven
 Bois de Boulogne, skating on the big lake
 Group portrait and photographer's back
 Guinguette à Poissy
 Les Halles de Paris
 Palais du Trocadéro
 People and carriages, Bois de Boulogne
 People at the racetrack
 People at the racetrack
 Racetrack, day of drag, Auteuil
  [Google translated "journée de drag" as "day of drag", which seems weird.
Could "drag" be a French colloquiallism meaning "race"? That would make more sense.]
 Racetrack, women with parasols
 Team of horses on a site
 Venise, le Quai des Esclavons
 Village street scene
 Visit of the Russian fleet to Toulon in 1883

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  1. You're right, "drag" means "horse race". I think it was a popular kind of race on the tracks a century ago : a first horse was starting before the others, as if there was some fox to hunt.
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