Friday, January 11, 2013

Lewis Hine

 Immigrants - Happy Hungarian mother, Ellis Island, 1905

 Italian child gets her first penny, Ellis Island, 1926

 Italian immigrants at Ellis Island, 1905

 A general view of the "hulling" station of A. J. Johnson at Seaford, Delaware, 1910

 One of the poorer country girls on the way to Buckeye School. 
She belongs to the Aldrich family, Marlinton, West Virginia, 1921

 Children from school No. 2 in the Italian district Terrace near Genesee St. 
Many of these children spend their summer vacations in the canning 
and fruit picking settlements where their parents go to work during the season. 1910

 School in session, Marey, West Virginia, 1921

Group of Dime Messengers Service boys, Washington, DC, 1912
 Groups showing a few of the workers stringing beans in the 
J. S. Farrand Packing Co., Baltimore, Maryland, 1909

 Little Julia tending the baby at home. All the older ones are at the factory. 1911

Maud Daly, five years old. Grace Daly, three years old. 
Pick shrimp at the Peerless Oyster Co., Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, 1911

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