Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lewis Hine - Mill Workers, ctd

Here's another set of Lewis Hine's photos of mill workers - mostly of child laborers.

 The superintendent and one of the spinners, Catawba Cotton Mills, Newton, NC. Others smaller still. Ten boys and girls this size and smaller out of a force of 40 employees, 1908

 This little girl is so small she has to stand on a box to reach her machine. She is regularly employed as a knitter in Loudon Hosiery Mills, Loudon, Tennessee, 1910

 Two of the helpers in the Tifton Cotton Mill at Tifton, Georgia, 1909

 Two of the tiny workers, a raveler and a looper in Loudon Hosiery Mills. 
Loudon, Tennessee, 1910

 Warper at his machine, Newton, NC, 1908
[what an amazing picture!]
 Worker in the Cherokee Hosiery Mill, Rome, Georgia, 1913

Young woman at spinning machine in cotton mill. 
Mollahan Mills, Newberry, South Carolina, 1908

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