Monday, August 13, 2012

Carl Mydans

 Drying jars at canning time. A house purchased for the Lake of the Ozarks project. Missouri, 1936

 Fair day, Morrisville, Vermont, 1936

 Fair talk, Albany, Vermont, 1936

 Junk, with living quarters close by. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1936

 Miner and mule at American Radiator Mine, Mount Pleasant, 
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, 1936

 Old horseless carriage at gasoline station near Lost River, New Hampshire, 1936

 Parade at the fair, Albany, Vermont, 1936

 School scene at Cumberland Mountain Farms (Skyline Farms) near Scottsboro, Alabama, 1936

Things saved for many a day are confided at the fair, Albany, Vermont, 1936

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