Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lewis Hine

Photos of textile industry workers in 1937.

 Barber-Colman High Speed Warper. This machine is 
using 345 ends which are run into the warp, April 1937
 Quilling. The thread is wound from the cones, seen in an upright position on the table of the machine, on to the quills soon at the position of the operator's hands, Paterson, NJ
 Textiles. Pacific Mills. Barber-Colman Automatic Spooler. 
Showing side of machine as operator takes off full cheese, April 1937
 Textiles. Pacific Mills. Drawing frame (Side view). 
Showing cotton as it comes from machine, April 1937
 Textiles. Pacific Mills. Drawing in operation. Shows operator hand drawing 
end of warp through steel harness to get ends ready for weaving, April 1937
 Textiles. Wishnack Silk Company. Fancies being woven, June 1937
Two women working with machines, March 1937

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