Thursday, May 1, 2014

World War II

 Captain of the 1st Army of USA Earl J. Topley looks at a German soldier 
who had killed before the death of three of his colleagues. Dead German 
soldier is last defender  of the French city of Cherbourg, Normandy
 Eisenhower talks to paratroopers before D-Day
[one of the most famous images to come out of the war]
 F4U's and F6F's fly in formation during surrender ceremonies, Tokyo, August 1945
 French resistance fighters putting up posters
 GI machine gun crew in Aachen, 1944
 Lieutenant Colonel George, commanding officer of troops, 
talking with his men somewhere in New Caledonia, 1942
 Marines hit three feet of rough water as they leave their LST 
to take the beach at Cape Gloucester, New Britain, 1943
 Marines under bombardment, Pacific theater
 Task Force 58 raid on Japan, 40mm guns firing aboard USS Hornet, 1945
 TBMs and SB2Cs dropping bombs on Hokadate, Japan, July 1945
 U.S. Army soldiers on Bougainville, 1944
Yanks of 60th Infantry Regiment advance into a Belgian town 
under the protection of a heavy tank, 1944

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