Sunday, February 2, 2014

William Letts Oliver

William Letts Oliver (1844-1918) was a mining engineer by profession. He was also a very competent amateur photographer who documented both his working life and home life in his photos.

 Anita Oliver and Zella seated in backyard
 Anita Oliver in nursery
 Anita Oliver with dog
 Aunt Floy gardening
 Group portrait of William Letts Oliver family and relatives on front steps
 Kate Oliver in rocking chair
 Kitty [Carolyn], William Harold Oliver, on tricycle, and Tina
 Mrs. William Letts Oliver in carriage, in front of Oliver house, 1888
 Oliver boys, and others, playing marbles
 Oliver children in donkey cart
 Oliver children in rustic gazebo
 Oliver children wearing sunbonnets in garden
 Portrait of William Letts Oliver family, Laundry Farm, 1886
 William Letts Oliver family in garden, 1887
 William Letts Oliver family on front steps, 1887
 William Letts Oliver house with women on porch, Oakland
William Oliver family at Christmas dinner, 1901

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