Friday, December 6, 2013

Vintage Japan

These colorized photos of 19th century Japan are from the Harvard University archives.

Blind masseur giving massage to young woman sitting on futon, ca. 1890
 Boat on Sumida River, near Tokyo
 Buddhist priests and nuns playing musical instruments on the street, ca. 1890
 Children learning calligraphy from master calligrapher, hanging scroll 
and folding screen with decorative painting in background, ca. 1890
 Drawing water from the well, ca. 1890
 Ferry boat, somewhere in Japan, ca. 1890
 Four Japanese women dressed in kimonos walking on porch at Okano Garden, Tokyo. ca. 1887
 Four women having tea, brazier in front of them and 
tokonoma with hanging scroll in background, ca. 1890
Japanese mothers with children and cherry trees, ca. 1890
 Japanese tea ceremony, ca. 1880s
 Japanese travelers in basket palanquins, possibly on the Tokaido near Hakone, ca. 1890
Japanese woman with her children sitting in front of kimono or 
cloth merchant's shop, with clerk holding an abacus sitting in back, ca. 1890

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