Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vintage Japan

 Japanese woman with parasol dressed for winter
 Japanese women picking tea leaves, with Mount Fuji in the distance, ca. 1895
 Japanese women with parasols, dressed in kimonos, 
standing on stone steps below cherry trees, ca. 1890
 Japanese women, wearing bamboo hats, planting rice, ca. 1895
 Large group of women in kimonos, possibly geishas dancing, ca. 1890
 Peony garden, Tokyo
 People threshing harvested rice
 Tea house girls
 Three women dancing
 Two girls at Mankayen Garden, ca. 1890
 Two girls playing with ball, flower arrangement, hanging scroll, 
and biwa (musical instrument) hanging on wall in background
Two young women greeting another woman, 
presenting her with a gift box tied with mizuhiki, ca. 1890

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