Saturday, December 28, 2013

Joseph Pennell

Joseph J. Pennell was another great midwestern photographer who documented life in turn-of-the-century Fort Riley, Kansas and neighboring communities, especially Junction City.

 Crowd of men watching Zeke Guddy on horse wearing a large sign saying 'Baseball Today', 1896
[Do you notice what's unusual here? The guy on the horse is black, and his name is given. 
That's a rare acknowledgement of basic humanity that was often withheld, back then.]
 Double Portrait of Alice Hardin, 1898
 Double portrait of two women, one wearing man's suit, 1898
[wish I knew the backstory here]
 Enfield girls playing cards, 1897
 Gormley Family, 1898
 Group of women at M. E. Picnic, 1896
 Group of women exercising, Junction City, Kansas, 1901
 Jim Miller's house with people in front, 1899
 Portrait of Burnside girl, 1898
 Portrait of Florence Swenson and Lillie Nelson, 1901
[a ravishing portrait of two supremely elegant ladies - and those hats...!]
 Retreat soldiers holding rifles, Fort Riley, 1897
 Senior Tea Party, Junction City, Kansas, 1902
 Soldier and woman standing under mistletoe at party, 1903
[is this staged or candid? I would hope the latter but there's no knowing]
Vera and Alma Jolley beside river - one photographing the other, ca. 1900

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