Sunday, December 22, 2013

Georges Dambier

More photos of 1950s French haute couture.

 Iris Bianchi sitting along the Seine, Elle, 1957
 Ivy Nicholson is wearing tricot top with skirt painted by Scarpitta Mirycae, July 1952
 Ivy Nicholson, 1954
 Marie Helene Arnaud, Cap d'Antibes, with mirror
 Sophie Litvak and little dog, Elle, 1952
 Sophie Litvak, Avenue Messine, Elle, 1953
 Suzy Parker in a suit by Basta and Françoise Dambier in dress by Weil, Morocco, Elle, April 1953
 Suzy Parker in a white organdy dress and scarf fringed in black 
by Givenchy, Morocco, Elle, April 1953
 Suzy Parker, Maroc, Elle 1953
Suzy Parker, Morocco, Elle, April 1953

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