Thursday, December 12, 2013

New York World-Telegram & Sun

 Alice Whitman and other performers on stage, 1937
 Crowd of people, many waving, in Times Square on V-J Day 
at time of announcement of the Japanese surrender in 1945
 Female employees of Woolworth's holding sign indicating 
they are striking for a 40 hour work week, 1937
[if you like the 40-hour week (instead of 60 or 70), thank these ladies]
 Legs and feet of five teenage girls wearing dog collar anklets on their socks, 1953
[add this to the list of weirdest fads you've never heard of]
 Many killed in Wall St. explosion, Soldiers and police establishing line at door of the Morgan Bank while bodies of the victims are lying in front of the Sub Treasury. September 16, 1920
 People demonstrate outside of the Bank of the United States in 1931 after it failed
Woody Guthrie, 1943

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