Monday, December 16, 2013

UC Berkeley

"I earned $40 a week in the West," says this man, "and there we had a good house. 
I'm earning $60 a week here, but what good is it? Money's not good at all."
Admiral with parrot
Baldwin Hotel fire, San Francisco, November 23, 1898
Both these families are now forced to live and eat and sleep in and under 
the "covered wagon" truck at the right, because the other truck is used 
as a "pest house" for two members of the family who are ill
C.U. cadets in front of North Hall
C.U. survey party, Calistoga, 1898
Camp Hard-Tack, U.C. Summer School, 1898
Camp in the North Fork, 6000 feet. 1882
Children's corner, Bella Vista Park, Oakland
Chutes at the Beach or 790 - Great Highway, August 1924
Cruise party, S.S. Queen, 1897
Dining at Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California, ca. 1925
Four people in a rowboat at end of railroad and boom, Navarro, Mendocino County, California

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