Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hikaru Iwasaki

 A walk through New York City's Riverside Park on a mid-summer 
Saturday afternoon is providing exercise and relaxation for four young resettlers, 1944
 Hospitalized at Dibble General Hospital, Menlo Park, California is Corp. Minoru Yoshida 
of the 100th, from Honolulu, shown here talking with Mrs. Jack Epstein, member 
of the Public Relations staff of the hospital, 1945
 Miss Tee Mikami, formerly of Los Angeles and the Colorado River Center, discusses plans 
for a party menu with an associate at the YWCA, Kansas City, Missouri, 1945
 Mr. and Mrs. Zensaku Ichimura, an Issei couple, returned to the farm 
of their adopted son, Henry Umino, who is expected to return soon from 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he and his wife have relocated, 1945
 Mrs. Henry Akiyama is pictured on her Pacific Gold Fish Farm, 
Garden Grove, California, 1945
 Mrs. Kim Obata, a registrar for the Girl Scouts, 
answers her calls for registration. St. Louis, 1944
 On the Roscoe Zukerman farm's repair garage at Camp #21, Mandeville Island, Stockton, California, are employed two former Rohwer evacuees, Tak Wakabayashi and Toru Okazaki, 1945 
 Shown at the entrance to their new home, a cottage set in an apple orchard 
on the outskirts of Wilmington, Delaware, are Mr. and Mrs. Tom Toyoji Yamane, 
Issei from the Gila River Relocation Center, and their four children, 1944
 Shown is a group of FPHA employees, San Francisco, 1945
[FPHA = Federal Public Housing Authority]
 Steven Sakaguchi, left, and Sharon Sakaguchi, cousins, enjoy life in Bellevue farm home of their parents, the Taki and the Takeshi Sakaguchis, who owns a 10-acre fruit and vegetable farm, 1945
 Surrounded by members of her typing class is Harriet Yanaga, Nisei student 
newly enrolled at the Southeast High School in Kansas City, Missouri, 1944
 Thelma Takeda is the first Nisei student to return to San Jose State College, 1945
Virginia Okubo is shown playing with her schoolmates in the playground 
of the St. Peter Lutheran School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, 1944

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  1. The photograph of Mrs. Henry Akiyama at the Pacific Goldfish Farm was taken at the goldfish hatchery in Westminster, California, not Garden Grove. The history of the Akiyama family and Orange County, California, Japanese pioneers is detailed at