Saturday, December 21, 2013

University of Chicago

 These photos are from the University of Chicago Photographic Archive, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library. The coded numbers after the picture caption are identifiers from the collection (their inclusion is requested as a condition of use).

 "You’re the tops," say Jean Jacob, Edith Hansen, and Margaret Fairman, University of Chicago co-eds who picked Wilbur Jerger as one of the escorts for the twelve Hollywood beauties, arriving here today, November 19, 1936 [apf4-02116]
 Airhostess Alice Brekke shows University of Chicago co-ed applicants for TWA hostess positions how to prepare and serve a seven-course meal aboard one of the airline's twenty-one passenger transports, 1942 [apf4-01322]
 Campus Chorines. Marlene Lenski (left) and Solveig Dahl watch as Janet Clifton whirls into one of her dancing steps for the Washington Prom Musical Review, the opening weekend festivities at the University of Chicago, 1949 [apf4-01302]
 Carnival [apf4-03428]
 Frances Biery (left) 26-year-old, blind Dayton, Indiana organist, converses via Braille with Geraldine Lawhorn (right), a deaf and blind girl who called on Miss Biery as she was practicing on the Rockefeller chapel organ for a concert, 1940 [apf4-03009]
 Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago Physical Education class (archery), 1945 
 In preparation for Drama Week on the campus this spring, students are presenting "Hedda Gabler" and "Green Grow the Lilacs," [known as] "Oklahoma!" to the world, 1944 [apf4-03247]
 International House dance [apf4-02852]
 International House. Students from various parts of the world, 1945 
 John Casey and Beryl Walls, 1950 [apf4-03559]
 Miss Lucile Pfaender (left) and Miss Maryellen Falconer, co-eds at the University of Chicago, roll merrily down the Midway on their roller skates [apf4-02213]
Muriel Parker and Harriet Hathaway, 1920s [apf4-03521]

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