Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas in SoCal

Here are some Christmas themed photos from Southern California. These are from the collection of the Dick Whittington Photography Studio.

 Children visiting Santa, Southern California, 1931

 Christmas card photo, Southern California, 1934

 Christmas decorations at Breakfast Club, Southern California, 1930

 Christmas group in playground department, Los Angeles, 1930

 Christmas kids, Breakfast club, Southern California, 1932

 Christmas pageant dancers from Poinsettia playground, Southern California, 1932

 Christmas party at College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, 1953

 Christmas party at Sunshine Mission, 1953

 Christmas party in Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, 1934
[what's with the two little storm troopers?]

 Christmas party, Southern California, 1931
[a great wacky Christmas party...my two favorites are 
the gagged kid and the old man with the scarf at right]

 Christmas trees in bonfire, 1952

 Distributing Christmas bags of food at Salvation Army, Southern California, 1931

 Publicity for Christmas pageant, Southern California, 1932

 Saints and Sinners Christmas party, 1953

Walker's kiddies and Santa Claus, Southern California, 1930

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