Thursday, December 19, 2013

Frank Hohenberger

 Chief Eaglefeather and Princess Silverheels, 1925
 Creek on Steele birthplace, near Gosport, Owen County, Indiana, 1927
[he took some really nice scenery shots]
 Ellen Petro, 1935
 Fishing on the Mississinewa, Slocum trail, 1926
 Geese crossing road, David's Branch Creek, Indiana, 1926
 Graduating class of 1935, Nashville, Indiana
 Group at Bear Wallow lookout, 1938
 Group at Singing Pines, 1947
 Group at Whip's Nest, Eli Lilly magazine, 1946
 Group in stream of Hamer mill, 1929
 High dive at Brown County swimming pool, 1944
High school graduates, 1930

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