Friday, December 13, 2013


 Opening of San Francisco's new baseball park, Ewing Field, 
May 16th, 1914, 17,500 fans assembled
 Panama-Pacific exposition, group portrait, August 1915
 Panorama de Constantinople, pris de La Tour de Galata, ca. 1880s
 Panorama of San Francisco disaster, 1906
 Redondo Beach, California, ca. 1910
 Return of W. E. "Pusseyfoot" Johnson to Westerville from London, England, April 24, 1920
[I have tried without success to find out who "Pusseyfoot" Johnson was]
 San Francisco from Telegraph Hill, May 9, 1908
 Sarah Bernhardt Tent, Chicago, 1906
 Sarah Bernhardt Tent, interior, Chicago, 1906
Signal Hill, ca. 1923


  1. W. E. (Pussyfoot) Johnson was an American proabitionish leader.

    FYI: It took less than 30 seconds to do a Wikipedia search and find tons of information.

    1. Well, I searched google with the misspelled name (Pusseyfoot instead of Pussyfoot) and naturally got only links to the photo.