Friday, September 19, 2014

Randolph Henry High School

Randolph Henry High School in Keyville, Virginia was photographed by Philip Bonn in June 1943.

 Social studies class. Students study in groups of six or eight, each group picking own subject.
 Cafeteria. Students don't have much money so they bring 
produce from farms for which they receive tickets.
 Eating lunch in cafeteria
 First aid group in school dispensary
 Girls in entry hall talking before school in the morning. Bulletin board on wall.
 Graduation exercises for 123 students
 Home economics cottage. Girls learn the art of homemaking, how to sew, 
plan meals, cook and serve, what food to eat, how to entertain.
 Home economics cottage. Girls learn to plan, cook 
and serve meals. They usually have a guest.
 Interior of vocational shop. Boys learn to repair farm machinery, carpentering and welding.
Playing baseball during gym period. Girl replaced 
man teacher who was drafted in the army.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Albert Percy Godber

Albert Percy Godber at his brass finishing lathe, Petone railway workshops
["this is my busy day" :)]
Climax locomotive hauling logs over the Mangatukutuku Viaduct, near Ongarue
Gum climbers' camp on the Waipapa River, near Rangiahua, 1918
Horse-drawn rail timber wagon hauling a log to the mill at Horopito, February 1921
Man transporting logs with horses and railway in the Akatarawa Bush, Hutt Valley, 1912-16
Men with a scow beside the Waipapa River, near Rangiahua, 1918
Native bush at Korokoro, with Albert Percy Godber standing on a large tree trunk which had fallen above the track, and his daughter Phyllis (aged 7) standing below, 27 December 1910
Rustic bridge at Ross Reservoir, Dunedin, September 1925
Tangarakau Gorge, a road bridge and grave site, 1915-16
The Hapuawhenua Viaduct, curving through an area of newly regenerating scrub, ca. 1915

Albert Percy Godber Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

George Frederick Kaye

 Gunners of the New Zealand Divisional Artillery manhandling their gun as a result of a target switch on the Cassino Front in Italy, 17 May 1944
 Infantry soldiers being brought forward in transports to the 
forward area as the Allies advance past Cassino in Italy, 18 May 1944
 Italian civilians peer around the corner of a street that is crossed at the top by 
enemy machine gun fire, in the southern part of Florence, 6 August 1944
[here's my question: what are you people doing out in
the street in the middle of a machine gun battle??]
 K A Jacobs and R W North collecting ammunition from a pit immediately behind one of the forward New Zealand machine gun posts on the 8th Army Front in Italy, 14 May 1944
 New Zealand Bren gunner C A Coleman provides 
covering fire in forward areas of 8th Army Front, 14 May 1944
[note the extra ammo clips to the left of the gunner]
 New Zealand soldiers explore the byways of old Bari, Italy, November 1943
 New Zealanders billetted in village behind Italian Front 
make friends with the household, 6 January 1944
 NZ infantry soldier rushes the entrance to a German dugout during the attack in which NZ captured the German HQ of the Sangro River Defence Line near Castelfrentano, Italy, 2 December 1943
 Peasant women at work in their garden just behind 
the forward area of the Italian Front, 16 December 1943
The heavy Allied assault on Cassino was witnessed in the early stages by American Red Cross nurses who made a strictly off-duty visit to the ruined town of Cevaro, 15 March 1944

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Photochroms - Germany

 A girl of the Black Forest, Black Forest, Baden, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 Beach and park, Colberg, Pomerania, Germany (now Kołobrzeg, Poland), ca. 1890-1900
 Building sand castles, Westerland, Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 General view, Ahlbeck, Pomerania, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 Hotel and beach, Colberg, Pomerania, Germany (now Kołobrzeg, Poland), ca. 1890-1900
 Jungfernsteig at 10 a.m., Hamburg, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 Kaiser Strasse, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 Kaiserstrasse, Helgoland, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 Market place, Darmstadt, the Rhine, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 Potsdam Square, Berlin, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 The "New Guard" and street scene, Berlin, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 The chalets, Westerland, Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
 The chalets, Westerland, Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, ca. 1890-1900
Victoria Hotel, Unter den Linden, Berlin, Germany, ca. 1890-1900

Monday, September 15, 2014

Adam MacLay

Wedding party portrait on long grass in front of trees, 1905-26
 Group at beach, 1905-26
 Group of four girls in sailor uniform with RMS Avon written on hats, 1905-26
 Group of summer campers posing for a group portrait, ca. 1902-03
 Group portrait of two women and a man on grass slope with tall trees beyond, 1905-26
 Members of an unidentified family in a park, 1905-26
 Outdoors family portrait, older sisters with matching shirts and young brother, 1905-26
[sister on left wants as much distance as possible between herself and her siblings...]
 Rebekan District Lodge, ca. 1920
 Two men with bicycles in front of a tent, ca. 1910
 Woman outside a wooden house, with a decorated bicycle 
with flowers, and a painted studio backdrop, 1905-26
 Adam MacLay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library