Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Vintage Japan

These photos of Japan are from the Library of Congress Stereograph Collection.

A Japanese woman carrying two babies on yoke, 1928
A morning ride in a jinrikisha, Sugita, Japan, 1896
 A peasant woman, with baby tied on her back, washing 
lettuce, on the shore of Lake Motosu, Japan, 1904
 Amidst the beauties of springtime--dwarf cherry 
trees at Omuro Gosho temple, ca. 1904
Coaling the Pacific Mail S.S. "Siberia" at the 
fortified naval station of Nagasaki, Japan, 1904

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lewis Hine

Photos of textile industry workers in 1937.

 Barber-Colman High Speed Warper. This machine is 
using 345 ends which are run into the warp, April 1937
 Quilling. The thread is wound from the cones, seen in an upright position on the table of the machine, on to the quills soon at the position of the operator's hands, Paterson, NJ
 Textiles. Pacific Mills. Barber-Colman Automatic Spooler. 
Showing side of machine as operator takes off full cheese, April 1937
 Textiles. Pacific Mills. Drawing frame (Side view). 
Showing cotton as it comes from machine, April 1937
 Textiles. Pacific Mills. Drawing in operation. Shows operator hand drawing 
end of warp through steel harness to get ends ready for weaving, April 1937
 Textiles. Wishnack Silk Company. Fancies being woven, June 1937
Two women working with machines, March 1937

Monday, May 2, 2016

Inger Schulstad

Dr. Schulstad visiting an American MASH, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1067]
Dr. Schulstad with personnel from Indian Parachute Field Ambulance, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1061]
 NORMASH Liaison, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1070]
 NORMASH personnel, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1066]
Tossing chaff, 1952
[Archive reference: Tor.H49.B01.B1039]

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vintage Southern California

 Beheading at the Los Angeles Junior College (now Los Angeles 
City College) annual mud battle, February 1936
 Los Angeles Junior College annual mud battle, February 1936
 Los Angeles Junior College annual mud battle, February 1936
 Graduation party, Long Beach Auditorium, 1951
McDonald’s, Downey, California, September 6, 1954

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Adam MacLay

 A group of people around a Dodge motor car which has 
been decorated with flags and streamers, ca. 1920
 Portrait of three young women in costumes holding leaves with berries, 1905-26
 Studio Allen family portrait with a young mother sitting on a carved 
wooden chair holding a baby in a christening gown and bonnet, 1905-26
 Studio portrait of a small boy and girl
Unidentified men in a field stacking a haystack from 
hay carried on horse drawn wagons, 1905-26
Adam MacLay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

Friday, April 29, 2016

William James Family

 Bell Telephone Co. rest room, 1912
Female students, Annesley Hall, University of Toronto, 1907
 First crossing of cable car over Niagara Falls, August 8, 1916
 Fishing from boat, Caledon, 1912
Garden party, Casa Loma, ca. 1920

Thursday, April 28, 2016

John Boyd Sr. Collection

The collection consists of about 1750 photographs taken by John Boyd Sr., and four scrapbooks of his published work. The photographs in this series were taken between 1887 and 1941, and essentially fall into two groupings: (1) About 1000 13 x 18 cm prints, mostly of Toronto scenes, taken between 1887 and 1941; (2) Two dismantled albums containing about 60 7 x 10 cm prints taken in the 1890s of miscellaneous subjects, including Toronto and Muskoka.

Auto traffic constable - City Hall, September 7, 1918
 Automobiling - changing tires, York Mills, April 14, 1918
Automobiling - generator troubles, October 15, 1910
Automobiling - through orchard, September 27, 1914
Automobiling in High Park, June 1, 1918
Autos - motorcycle hill climbing Bloor Street, April 27, 1919