Friday, August 22, 2014

M. D. Elias

New Zealanders in action in Middle East and North Africa.

 Axis prisoners of war coming in on foot under a white flag in Tunisia, 1 June 1943
 Local inhabitants with decorations for sale for the celebrations of victory in Tunis, 23 May 1943
 Locals drawing water from a well which supplied Edomites in Biblical times, 15 April 1942
 Members of the population of Tunis demonstrating welcome with American flags to the 8th Army following the defeat of Axis troops, 23 May 1943
 NZ soldiers with native pedlar near the Syrian and Turkish border, 9 July 1942
 Oranges for sale from vendors in Jerusalem, 2 June 1942
 Pilot Officer Paton and Sergeant Pilot Crompton leaning 
on the barrel of a gun on a tank buster, Tunisia, May 1943
 Player Waddick after touching down during the NZEF versus the 
Rest of Egypt rugby football match at Alexandria, 21 February 1943
 Senegalese troops of the Free French forces at the time of 
the inspection by General Leclerc in Tunisia, 19 May 1943
[can't resist commenting on the irony of African troops from a
French colonial possession serving in the "Free" French forces]
Sister M D Haskins and F L Jones who was wounded near Matruh
at the 3rd NZ General Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon, 7 September 1942
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Frederick Nelson Jones

 A police cycle patrol in Christchurch, which was raised to thwart a horse fiend, 1896
 Brewery worker and a vat of beer being worked, ca. 1910
[I like the "after" picture better :)]
 Bride about to enter a horse drawn carriage, ca. 1910
 Dr Oxnam and others, feeding stray dogs after the 1929 Murchison earthquake
 Haven Street, alongside Nelson Harbour, showing a group returning 
after farewelling World War 1 soldiers, 24 August, 1915
 Maori group standing alongside a carved figure of the Maori chief Tu-Kai-Taua. Each person holds a carved wooden Maori weapon, ca. 1915
 Mechanical engineering workshop and students, ca. 1925
 Men repairing a washed out bridge, ca. 1928
 Row of motorcars, with passengers, during an outing for 
returned World War 1 soldiers, Nelson, 23 January 1916
Row of unidentified young female (music hall dancers?) 
in costume, standing barefoot in a dance pose, 1904-33

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Albert Rogers Crandall

The photographs of Albert Rogers Crandall date roughly from 1883 to 1890 and were taken mostly in rural Kentucky.

 Fog over Powell's Valley in the early morning
 Group of unidentified men on the Rock
[anyone from Kentucky know what "the Rock" refers to?]
 House and family of M.E. Mahan, outside house 
at Wolfe Creek in Whitley County, Kentucky
 R.C. Ballard atop a mule at the Cumberland Ford
 Snow scene with unidentified man taken at the corner of 
Broadway and High Streets in Lexington, Kentucky, March 29, 1883
 Unidentified adults and children in front of a school 
house near Jones Peak in Whitley County, Kentucky
 Unidentified group of State Survey men and students
 Unidentified man and horse beside a cliff near the mouth 
of Beaver Creek in Floyd County, Kentucky
 Unidentified man and women on horseback at 
the left fork of Beaver Creek, December 1890
 Unidentified men around a tent. Caption reads 
"Blighted Hopes-'Nothing but Iron, Sir.'"
 Unidentified people on the land of Bert Hutchinson in Elliot County, Kentucky
Unidentified women and children standing outside on 
the eastern side of the cottage of Albert R. Crandall

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Steffano Webb

 Billiards Championship, Christchurch, 1909
 Cannery at Christchurch Meat Company, 1880s-1920s
 Children and men beside a large traction engine with 
two boys sitting on a large stack of firewood, 1880s-1920s
 Christ's College 1st XV rugby team, 1911
[they look like an old-time chain gang]
 Group of men and women cycling along a road in Christchurch, 1907
 King's Theatre, Christchurch, ca. 1910
 Miss Symonds in a gig decorated with flowers, 
New Zealand International Exhibition of 1906-1907, Christchurch
 Motor cars and unidentified drivers outside the business premises of David Crozier Limited, motor car importers and engineers, Christchurch, ca. 1920s
 Motorcycles and riders at a show, probably Christchurch region, ca. 1926
Mr Broomfield and Kahu in a buckboard wagon, ca. 1910

Steffano Webb Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

Monday, August 18, 2014

George Robert Bull

George Robert Bull was a New Zealander photographing their troops in the European theater during World War II.

 'Spud barbers' at work near the cookhouse at 
Hove Supply Dump in the Cassino area, Italy, 29 April 1944
 A group of New Zealand Provosts attached to HQ 5 NZ Infantry Brigade 
at Hove Dump in the Cassino area, Italy, 29 April 1944
 A typical Regimental Aid post truck in the New Zealand 
Divisional Headquarters area in Casale, Italy, 23 April 1944
 Air force personnel talking over performance of a night bomber 
on an aerodrome at Caserta, Italy, 13 May 1944
 American medium bombers on way to join Allied attack 
on the Monte Cassino front, Italy, 15 March 1944
 Canine mascot Spandau loosening tent guy rope at the 
NZ LOB Camp near Capua, Italy, 20 February 1944
[LOB = "Left Out of Battle"; perhaps a convalescent camp for wounded?]
 Grace Douglas talking to Trooper D M Urquhart and Coporal A T Dewer at Maadi Camp, Egypt, after a performance by George Formby, circa 1 October 1943
[I've tried without success to find out who this Grace Douglas is]
 Members of the American Field Service at Aquafondata, Italy, 6 May 1944
 Men of NZ Division opening first mails since cessation 
of North African hostilities, Maadi, Egypt, 10 June 1943
New Zealand armoured vehicles in cover beside road 
near enemy in next village of Vicalvi, Italy, 29 May 1944

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand