Sunday, April 13, 2014


I will be on vacation until Friday April 18. Going to my dad's funeral and won't have time to post...

See you soon!

Arthur Siegel

 Detroit, Michigan. Little girl with ice cream cone in the zoological park, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Little girls wheeling baby brother in a carriage, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Marchers in the Labor Day parade, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Radio broadcast in the Crowley-Milner department store, 1941
 Detroit, Michigan. Sailors and girls at zoological park, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Scrap collected for salvage at a rally sponsored by the 
Work Projects Administration (WPA) at the state fairgrounds, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. War worker and family strolling through the zoological park, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Woman holding a harness strap 
to prevent child from getting lost in zoological park, 1942
Detroit, Michigan. Young mother with her own and neighbor's child, 1942

Friday, April 11, 2014


In memory of my father, who died yesterday at age 99, I'm posting some vintage photos of him.

 1932. His high school picture
 December 1941. With army buddies. He's at back left.
 1942. With my mother (pre-marriage) in San Antonio, Texas
 1942. After the wedding
 1943. In Fort Myers, Florida
 1944. Fort Myers, Florida
 1946. A family now (that's my sister in the middle)
 1950-52. In Delaware. 
 1955. Yes, that's me he's holding
1956. At Atlantic City or thereabouts

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Georgetown College

More photos from this college in Kentucky.

 Group gathered at the counter of a soda fountain, 1948
 Group of students sitting in a booth at a cafe, 1948
 Group of women performing gymnastics, 1948
 Group of women playing basketball, 1948
 Group of women standing next to a carnival booth, 1949
 Group standing next to a jukebox, 1948
 Group standing with records in hand, 1948
 Homecoming, football spectators, 1947
 Homecoming, people with balloons, 1947
 People in the cafeteria food line, 1948
 Students socializing, 1949
Women exercising, 1948

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Esther Bubley

More photos of bus travel, taken in 1943.

 Bus trip from Knoxville, Tennessee to Washington, D.C. Girl baggage clerk loading newspapers onto a bus at Knoxville, Tennessee. These will be left at small towns along the way.
Bus trip from Knoxville, Tennessee to Washington, D.C. Soldier
saying goodbye to his wife and child at small town in Tennessee.
Bus trip from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Washington, D.C.
Bus passengers at Knoxville, Tennessee.
Bus trip from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Washington, D.C.
Girl agent checking bag at Knoxville.
Bus trip from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Washington, D.C. Passengers boarding bus at Knoxville.
Passengers freshening up in the ladies' restroom at the Greyhound bus terminal, Chicago
Passengers in the waiting room at the Greyhound bus terminal at five am, Chicago
Passengers leaving a Greyhound bus in a small town in Pennsylvania
Passengers on a Greyhound bus going from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Passengers on the Greyhound bus going from Washington, D.C. to
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, some of which were standing all the way
Passengers waiting for a Greyhound bus driver to start
loading them on the bus at a small town in Pennsylvania

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 In Los Angeles' 'Little Tokyo,' news of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor left shocked silence yesterday
 Mrs. Southern California, 6 September 1951. Mrs. Ruth Poger
 Posture Queen, Rosemead High School, 1960
[wow. high school has changed pretty radically in the last 50 years!]
 Riverside County Fair (Hemet), 26 August 1953. 
Jerra Lynne Tyler ("Farmer's Daughter of 1953")
 Santa Barbara road races, 1958
[hard to imagine a more iconic image of 1950s Southern California]
[my subtitle for this: "Fast and Furious: The Prequel" :)]
 Santa Monica beach, 1952
 USC sorority women gathered around a telephone, 1949
 USC sorority women pillow fight
Zeta Tau Alpha members costumed for a Halloween party, 1912