Wednesday, October 1, 2014

John Vachon

 Bookshop window, Chicago, Illinois, July 1940
 Boy hopping freight train, Dubuque, Iowa, April 1940
 Children saluting flag. Irwinville School, Georgia, May 1938
 Farm boys at Irwinville Farms, Georgia, May 1938
 Fourth of July parade, Watertown, Wisconsin, 1941
 Fourth of July roadside stand near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1941
 FSA (Farm Security Administration) rehabilitation borrower 
with calf, Grant County, Illinois, May 1940
 Greasing plow point for the winter. Cavalier County, North Dakota, Oct 1940
 Leading horses to the barn, Grundy County, Iowa, April 1940
Oldest Sauer boy cranking family car. Cavalier County, North Dakota, Oct 1940

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