Friday, October 10, 2014

Marion Post Wolcott

 "Cherished customer." Negro buying gas, near Atlanta, Georgia, June 1939
 A portable cane mill. The owner gets every sixth gallon for making the sorghum syrup. This is on the property of a Negro owner, Wess Cris, a tobacco farm of about 165 acres in a prosperous Negro settlement near Carr, Orange County, North Carolina. September 1939
 Bohemian miners (coal loaders) unemployed since mechanization of mines. Jere, West Virginia. They live together in one house with a woman housekeeper. All on relief. Spend most of their time fighting about politics. Call their dog "Hitler" because he's so mean and nasty. To the left is an outdoor oven for baking bread. September 1938
 Carrying home groceries and supplies across 
the swinging bridge, Breathitt County, Jackson, Kentucky, 1940
 Children shining shoes on street corner, Hartford, Connecticut, May-June 1941
 Children's favorite playground, around coal mine tipples. 
Pursglove, Scotts Run, West Virginia, September 1938
 Farmer who comes to town on Saturday afternoon to sell 
his chickens from door to door. Greene County, Georgia, Spring 1939
 Home of old and sick mine foreman and WPA (Works Progress Administration) workers and families, Charleston, West Virginia, September 1938
 Juice from sugarcane being poured into barrel. It is cooked in vat or still, 
into sorghum molasses. Racine, West Virginia, September 1938
Kewpie doll bathing girls for sale along main highway 
near Charleston, West Virginia, September 1938