Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Roosevelts

From Harris & Ewing come these photos of Franklin and Eleanor.

 A serious President Roosevelt broadcasts to the nation 
on the European war crisis, Washington, DC, 3 September 1939
 Eleanor Roosevelt shaking hands with woman in a row, 1933-40
 Eleanor Roosevelt with grandchildren Buzzie and Sistie Dall, 1934
 Eleanor Roosevelt with two women, 1933-40
 First Lady appeals for Red Cross funds, Washington, DC, 21 May 1940
 First Lady christens Yankee Clipper, Washington, DC, 3 March 1939
 First Lady cuts president's birthday cake, 30 January 1940
 First Lady eats five cent meal, 14 May 1940. Climaxing a conference of "Daughters of the Great Depression," Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and other prominent women tonight ate a five-cent "relief" dinner. The five-cent meal was based on the actual per-person per-meal food budget of the average woman working on WPA.
 First Lady opens Better Homes Week at 
Girl Scouts' luncheon, Washington, DC, 26 April 1939
 General John J. Pershing and Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt 
cut cake at Walter Reed Hospital, 1935
Making her rounds of the numerous president's birthday balls, Mrs. Roosevelt greets Janet Gaynor, petite movie star who came from Hollywood to entertain the merrymakers, 29 Jan 1938

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