Tuesday, September 30, 2014

George Frederick Kaye

 Civilians outside Orsogna, Italy, giving a drink 
of wine to a New Zealand soldier, 16 June 1944
 Italian civilians dancing in the streets in celebration 
of their liberation by NZ troops, 24 April 1945
 Italian women of the newly liberated town of Massa Lombarda, 
Italy, holding flags of the Allied Nations, 13 April 1945
 J D Ruscoe leaning on his rifle, in an informal and characteristic 
New Zealand pose, on the Cassino battlefront in Italy, 5 April 1944
 Kiwi soldiers sightseeing in Pietra, Italy, 
pictured with Italian children, 19 November 1943
 Men of 2 New Zealand Division fraternizing with children in the village where they are resting after a spell in the front line, near Orsogna, Italy, 6 January 1944
 New Zealand Divisional Cavalry members and their Staghound 
in the front line town of Castiglione, Italy, 16 July 1944
 New Zealanders find the Fibrino River a good change from the dusty roads they have covered as the enemy retreated in the Sora area, Italy, 3 June 1944
 One of the guns of the 29th Battery of 6th NZ Field Regiment in position in a combined wheat field and vineyard in the Sora area, Italy, 1 June 1944
These German prisoners were brought in on Christmas morning on the Italian Front, 1943
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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