Thursday, October 9, 2014

Agustín Centelles

Agustín Centelles was a Spanish photographer who documented the Spanish Civil War - a brutal, bloody affair, as civil wars always are. Warning: some of these photos are quite intense.

 An assault guard takes cover behind dead horses in Barcelona, July 19, 1936
 Barcelona, July 1936
 Bombardment of Lérida, 2 November 1937
 Bram concentration camp, 1939
 Child victims of bombardment of Zaragoza, March 1937
 Guard assault in Barcelona, 19 July 1936
 Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona, July 1936
 Republican militiawomen on the Aragon front, 1936
Self-portrait on the Aragon front


  1. Excelentes fotografías de un gran fotógrafo.
    Crueles imágenes de una guerra cruel.
    Pero el mundo no aprende.

    Un saludo!

  2. Sorry to rectify but according to other source, the 4th picture is a meeting of the POUM in Barcelona in 1937 (these people don't seem to be inmates of the camp of Brams) and the 5th is another one from the bombardment of Lérida (Zaragoza stayed in hands of fascist army and has never been bombed).
    Thanks for your beautiful job, anyway, and excuse my bad english.