Friday, October 24, 2014

Russell Lee

 Agricultural workers wait in the clinic at the FSA (Farm Security Administration) 
farm workers community, Woodville, California, Mar 1942
 Bedding of agricultural workers' family near 
Vian, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, June 1939
 Buggy stopped on highway near Lafayette, Louisiana, October 1938
 Child at the FSA (Farm Security Administration) Camelback Farms, 
Phoenix, Arizona, February-March 1942
 Children of agricultural day laborers sitting on bench 
in front of small store near Vian, Oklahoma, June 1939
 Fisherman's home along the Bayou, Akers, Louisiana, October 1938
 Getting ready to depart from home in Oklahoma for trip 
to California, near Muskogee, Oklahoma, July 1939
 Interior of store. Section 30 near Winton, Minnesota, August 1937
 Migrant child sitting in back seat of family car east of 
Fort Gibson, Muskogee County, Oklahoma, June 1939
 Oscar Gaither and family eating dinner. He is a tenant 
farmer near McLeansboro, Illinois, January 1937
Part of Earl Taylor's family near Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Taylor is the foreman of a RA (Resettlement Administration) project crew. He does not farm his land, June 1937

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