Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dorothea Lange

 "Skid Row." Howard Street, the street of the 
unemployed in San Francisco, California, February 1937
 After a lift of five miles by a passing motorist, the family of homeless, 
walking people are left at the edge of the next town, February 1939
 Aged woman with three of her twenty-two grandchildren, 
Kern county migrant camp, California, November 1936
 Auto camp north of Calipatria, California. Approximately eighty families 
from the Dust Bowl are camped here. They pay fifty cents a week. 
The only available work now is agricultural labor. March 1937
 Butter bean vines across the porch. 
Negro quarter in Memphis, Tennessee, June 1938
 Campus of University of California, Berkeley, California. Students 
assembling for Peace Day address of General Smedley Butler, April 1939
 Car trouble on west side, Highway no. 33. In San Joaquin Valley. Formerly a California cowhand and roving laborer, now with wife, he follows the fruit. "My uncle homesteaded here sixty years ago. I'm lower on money than at any time"June 1938
 Children at the El Monte subsistence homesteads, California, February 1936
 Children of Mexican migratory carrot pullers. Imperial Valley, California, March 1937
Fairbanks' home. Home Management Supervisor of FSA 
(Farm Security Administration) tries to persuade wife to screen 
tent. Willow Creek area, Malheur County, Oregon, October 1939

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