Friday, October 31, 2014

George Frederick Kaye

 A group of Italian women in the village of Alvito, 
which is well known to the men of 2 NZEF, 8 June 1944
 A mule, a man and his dog. An Italian muleteer makes his way forward with supplies of the New Zealand Division advances into the Atina area in Italy, 1 June 1944
 Italian peasants carry out their peaceful pursuits right up to the location of the trucks of the 2 New Zealand Division in the forward areas of the Italian Front, 10 April 1944
 Kiwi soldiers fraternizing with orphan children in the 
village of Castel Frentano, Italy, 6 January 1944
 Members of 4th New Zealand Armoured Brigade Band play carols 
on Christmas morning in the vicinity of the New Zealand Division 
headquarters, probably at Castelfrentano, in Italy, 25 December 1943
 Music on the banks of the Fibrino River, near Sora, in Italy, 3 June 1944
 New Zealand Infantry personnel take a break at an 
ammunition dump in the forward areas in Italy, 16 December 1943
 New Zealand soldiers cleaning a truck, and local Italian women 
washing their linen, near Alife, Italy, 12 January 1944
 New Zealand tanks arrive in Trieste, Italy. Shows a Sherman tank and New Zealand soldiers from 4th Armoured Brigade on a street crowded with Italian civilians, 2 May 1945
One of the Italian villages where men of the New Zealand Division 
are billetted while resting out from the front line, 6 January 1944

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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